The Legend of Issaqueena Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, there once lived a Creek Indian maiden named Issaqueena, in a village called Keowee Town, aptly named for the beautiful Keowee River. Issaqueena was captured from her native land and Creek tribe by the Cherokees, most likely during a battle over land, the great battle of Taliwa.  The Cherokees were known for trading with the English who had also begun to settle in the area.  Issaqueena fell in love with one of these English traders, Francis Allen.  One night she overhead a tribunal talk of attacking Star Fort, where Allen had gone to do business.  She jumped on her pony and made the 96-mile trek to alert Allen and the fort of the impending attack.  Her mission was successful and she and Allen were married and had a son borne of the union.  Later, while Allen was away on another business trip, the Cherokees decided to seek retribution against Issaqueena and her child.  Legend goes that she made another daring escape and led the pursuing Cherokees to a 200-foot waterfall and jumped in.  Issaqueena knew the Cherokees believed the waterfalls contained evil spirits and would go no further.  Thinking she and her child had perished the Cherokees gave up their pursuit, never knowing she had hidden behind a ledge in the falls until she and her infant could safely be reunited with her beloved husband.

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